Who we are

We are a group of concerned citizens who are horrified at the deterioration of health, ethics, empathy, the environment and the rampant consumerism that is rapidly destroying our planet. Billions of animals are kept in appalling conditions, fed growth hormones and antibiotics before being sent to their deaths in the most horrific ways so that humans can eat them. What happened to compassion, goodness, helping others, being responsible citizens? 

More illnesses are plaguing the human race than ever before, and the pharmaceutical companies are loving it. The sicker we are the more money they make. They’re not in the health business, they’re in the sickness business. Their aim is not to heal us, but to keep us sick so they can milk us dry. 

Going vegan is the best and most effective way we know of to help turn things around. Not just for the planet and animals, but for your own sake. The benefits are huge. You get healthier, you make a small contribution to saving environmental degradation, you have more pride in yourself, your moods improve… just about everything gets better!

We are documentary producers by profession. We try to make a difference with the work we do. Whether it does or not, we cannot judge. But we put it out there and maybe, just maybe it encourages a few people in turn to make a difference, to improve their own lives as well as all living beings around them.

We started this website to try to carry the message just a little bit further. If you like it, tell your friends about it. Send us your thoughts and even your articles. If we think they can add to our cause we will publish them.

If you need a corporate video, take a look at this website.