Are Eggs Vegan Friendly? Can Vegans Eat Eggs?

People think meat is the main food that vegans don’t eat because there are obvious killings involving animals.

However, a vegan-friendly diet is defined as a lifestyle seeking to reduce the exploitation and practicable of animals. And chickens are included in this definition!

In this article, we will discover why do vegans not eat it?

Are Eggs Vegan Friendly? Why are not vegan?

Answer: Eggs are not vegan Friendly because are an animal byproduct they come from hens.

Technically, it’s could be vegan. If no hen, goose, or duck had to suffer for its production, for animal welfare reasons, most vegans don’t eat eggs.

The poultry industry is linked to the egg industry, and chickens by far are the most slaughtered land animals.

estimates killed chickens each year are 50 billion as of 2019, Poultry Are one-third of all meat eaten worldwide.

Is not vegan friendly