Are Sour Skittles Halal? Fully Explained!

Are Sour Skittles Halal? If looking for sweet candy you may think first at Sour skittles, but following a diet is not easy as you think, since you need to select products depending on diet needs. So is Sour Skittles vegan will be our case study. I will explain SKITTLES Original Fruity Candy & SKITTLES Sour Candy whether halal or not. Let’s Find out

Sour Skittles Ingredients

Below list of Sour Skittles common ingredients, the only difference is the flavor which provides a different taste:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
  • Tapioca Dextrin
  • Natural And Artificial Flavors
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Colors (Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Titanium Dioxide, Blue 1 Lake)
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Carnauba Wax

The Sour Skittles varieties are

  • SKITTLES Original Fruity Candy
  • SKITTLES Sour Candy

Are Sour Skittles Halal?

Are Sour Skittles Halal? The answer is NO, Skittles Gummies Haram since it contains questionable ingredients that might come from plants or animals, there is no information about the exact source therefore all companies hiding this.

The questionable ingredients are Coloring since it can be sourced from animals. SO, Sour Skittles are unsuitable for Muslims


Is There Gelatin in Skittles?

Yes, Skittles Contain gelatin

Does Skittles Have Pork?

Skittles have gelatin and most of the gelatin is sourced from Port. so, the answer is Yes

Do Skittles Have Pork in Them

We can not confirm that 100% of skittles have Port, but almost of the gelatin are made based on Pork. since Skittles contain gelatin so, Skittles may have Pork in them.

Do Skittles Contain Gelatin?

Yes, Skittles contain gelatin

Are Skittles Gelatin Free?

unfortunately, No Skittles Contain Gelatin the listed ingredients above shows that


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