Is chocolate vegan? Can vegans eat chocolate?

Chocolate is attached to tenderness and love. it’s a favorite gift and is positively related to feelings and gladness.

When you need a snack, generally you will opt for it. it’s one of the most common snack foods in the world.

But for vegans will be not easy. those need to check the vegan status of chocolates first. During this article, we will answer all vegans’ questions regarding this topic.

is chocolate vegan?

Yes, chocolate can be vegan-friendly depending on the type that you buy,  it’s made from cacao beans, which are grown on cacao trees. this means that is inherently plant-based.

However, many contain added dairy products, which would eliminate them as a vegan.

Non-vegan ingredients to look out for are butter, cream, or milk by-products such as whey, casein, milk fat, or milk solids. If you see cocoa butter listed between ingredients, don’t worry. Cocoa butter is vegan-friendly.

Are all Chocolate vegan?

Dark Chocolates contain a high percentage of cocoa, it is also the healthiest and most vegan-friendly option out there, has a high concentration of antioxidants, and low sugar, and lack dairy.

Milk Chocolates are a mix of cocoa solids, dairy products such as milk, and sugar. Unless there is specific disclamation on the package saying that plant-based milk is used, this chocolate option is rarely vegan-friendly.

White Chocolates Despite its name isn’t technically a chocolate at all, since it doesn’t contain cocoa. White chocolate may include dairy products, almost not vegan-friendly. So be sure to check the label.

What is chocolate?

Chocolate is a food product made from roasted (a cooking method that uses dry heat where hot air covers the food). Cooking it evenly on all sides with temperatures of at least 150 °C, and ground cacao seed kernels.

It is available as a solid, liquid, or paste, as a flavoring agent in other foods, or on its own.

There are many types of chocolates the most common are: raw, dark, milk, and modeling chocolate.

Where Does it Come From?

You’ll never imagine what the chocolate that we amuse today looks like from the onset.  It all begins south of the equator in large pods that vegetate on the cacao tree.

From the halls of Montezuma, Old Mesoamerican civilizations utilize to give the cacao tree a significant place in the community. They used to use cocoa beans as currency.

Started by finding a way to make a bitter liquid called xocoatl from Crushed cocoa beans. For royalty and the best military warriors.

The process of prepping the cocoa bean for chocolates manufacturing remains the same, even though that was a thousand years ago.

How is chocolate made? What is chocolate made of?

By removing the pulp and the cocoa beans and placing them in buckets for fermentation. once it’s done, the cocoa beans are spread out so they can dry naturally in the sun. That gives the beans some semblance of the chocolate taste.

When the beans are ready, they remove the shells. You are left with the core of the bean (cocoa butter and other chocolates solids).

A machine grounds the core of the beans into a paste, that is referred to as chocolate liquor even though it is not a liquid.

Even though some of the used ingredients are craft secrets, the process is quite similar. The paste goes through a machine that removes the cocoa butter that turns it into powdery cocoa.

To reconstitute the powder into chocolate. The manufacturer adds substances like cocoa butter, sugar, milk, oil, and more.

As the manufacturer likes, the chocolate is mixed in a giant machine until it is consistent. After, the chocolates is teemed into molds, allowed to cool, wrapped up, and then packaged.