Is honey vegan friendly

By Collecting Floral nectar, by transporting back nectar to the hive. bees make this sweet and sticky product. In this article, we will break down how bees made honey, is it vegan friendly?

Is honey vegan friendly? Can vegans eat it?

Honey is not vegan friendly, as we know most vegans, avoid products made of and by animals. such as dairy products (cheese, milk). So, eating it is not an option. Because bees are insects and animals.

The vegan community members care for the environment and Animal welfare. This is the main reason why is considered not plant-based. Therefore

what is honey?

Honey is a sweet & viscous food substance made by honeybees. its produces it from the sugary secretions of floral nectar (plant) or from secretions of honeydew

How is honey made?

Bees continue to collect nectar from the flowers and during a complex operation, where evaporation of the water and regurgitation, enzymatic activity break down the sugars. it turns from complex sugars to simple sugars inside their stomachs.

While forager bees return to the hive to regurgitate and transfer the floral nectar to the younger bees who complete the transformation into honey. by regurgitating the newly-made it into cells of the honeycomb.

Why is honey not vegan?

It is agreed that a decline in pollinators spells disaster for the environment, Insects play a huge part in conserving the environment. if people consume a big part of bees’ foods, we’re facing losing them.

Therefore, A balance must be maintained to sustain life on earth and protect human survival and health,

As affect a lot of fruits and vegetables would not be able to grow without them, Humans depend on plants and plants depend on pollinators “insects“.

Surely, all you can make a vegan honey recipe bee-free (homemade). That help to stay healthy and help to keep bees safe. 😊 as well there is plenty of vegan honey alternatives on the market