The Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah diet

The Hallelujah Diet System is a clean food, plant-based diet created specifically for people who are interested in preventative health care and making dietary changes to improve their health. They are especially invested in helping those with significant health issues change their diets to better support their body in combating those issues. The Hallelujah Diet is … Read more

Gluten And Non Gluten Foods List

Gluten And Non Gluten Foods List

Gluten is often used as a thickener and for other purposes, as it has a lot of useful properties for production. The largest amount of gluten is found in grains, but it is also found in other foods that a person consumes daily. These are dumplings, sausages, canned food, minced meat, and other ingredients. On … Read more

Gluten Sensitivity and Symptoms

Gluten Sensitivity and Symptom

Today, there is a lot of speculation about gluten. Journalists rewrite each other’s articles, referring to data from the late 20th century. Some intimidate, others calm. But, everyone is marking time, because they do not understand the essence of the problem. Let’s start with the basic concepts. What is Gluten Gluten is a part of vegetable protein. You may come across … Read more