The Vegan Starter Guide

There is a growing movement worldwide that suggests that if more people adopted a vegetarian or vegan way of life, the earth would be a much better place to live in, so this website is a starter vegan guide.

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The starter guide for vegans

We have been indoctrinated from an early age… “You have to eat meat or else you are sick. You’re going to get sick and you’re going to die.” Sound familiar? Well, there are millions and millions of vegans across the planet that don’t eat eggs, dairy, meat, fish or any kind of animal product to live a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Veganism takes far less out of the environment. You have to provide a lot of food for animals that are going to be eaten, but here’s a much more economic usage of land if you avoid animals and just provide crops and fruit and vegetables.

If everyone became vegan, you would feel a lot healthier, there’d be less heart attacks, less diabetes, better everything.

Often people who want to go vegan go “yes but I can’t do without cheese or I can’t do without meat”, but actually what can you do with? The result of going vegan is that you will wake up and feeling healthy, inspired, your body isn’t a living grave so to speak, it’s just a great feeling. And so it’s not so much what you lose but what you stand to gain. So you will make real a difference, in your home, in your kitchen, three times a day when you eat a meal.

Getting started with your vegan guide

There are so many benefits of becoming a vegan…

  • The health benefit is very clear. You will live healthy, vibrant lives as vegans, and protect all the organs in our bodies by not taking on carcinogenic substances through eating animal protein and products.
  • Socially, encourage less violence in society.
  • Environmentally, the benefits are extremely clear. Preserving the resources of the planet and being able to reverse this extinction that we’re currently facing.
  • Spiritually, strengthen your faith by practicing a lifestyle of compassion.

One vegan we spoke to had this to say…”I stopped eating meat at a very young age. I stopped eating meat at the age of 17. One of the things that I started to really notice when went vegan … I felt there was this emotional shift within me. I stopped getting depressed. My mood swings were not as wild. Huge shift though. Less anxiety, like literally my anxiety levels have completely depleted”.

If you are just getting started on the vegan journey, click here to download The Vegan Starter Guide – it’s yours, no strings attached.